My Books

Here’s my second book, available now: The Gardener’s Color Palette
Image of The Gardener’s Color Palette book cover, by Tom Fischer

I know, OverPlanters, I know — it’s horribly immodest of me to trumpet the arrival of my new book; my mother would be positively pained. But it’s a sweet little book — just what you need to chase away the late-winter blahs — and people are actually saying nice things about it:

“Fischer’s enthusiasm for flora shines through. . . . Whether he’s suggesting eye-catching plant pairings, or offering cautionary advice about aggressive spreaders, Fischer will inspire gardeners to think about incorporating selections from the book’s outstanding bevy of perennials, bulbs and shrubs, native, and tender species.”

— Alice Joyce, Booklist

“It’s a handy little reference book and it will certainly get you in the mood for spring and a new gardening season.”

—Jane Berger, Garden Design Online

“A joy to leaf through.”

—Deborah Roberts, Garden of Possibilities blog

“A delicious little book that arrives just in time for spring planning.”

—Kylee Baumle, Gardening by the Book blog

“While Clive Nichols’ phenomenal photos were what attracted my attention, Fischer’s writing was what kept me reading. . . . Fischer makes it clear that color is a joy that should be wholeheartedly embraced in our gardens.”

—Colleen Vanderlinden, In the Garden Online

It’s a simple idea, really — it takes a close look at 100 flowers in 10 different color groups, with lots of useful basic information, a few dollops of inspiration, and glorious photographs by Clive Nichols. Best of all, you can get it for a song, either here or directly from Timber Press. Buy one for yourself and one for a friend! Use them as party favors! Get an early start on your holiday shopping! Help keep book publishing alive and well!

Here’s my first book, Perennial Companions: 100 Dazzling Plant Combinations for Every Season.
Cover image of Perennial Companions by Tom Fischer

Here’s what the reviewers have been saying about it:

“Fischer gives as much attention to texture as he does to color, and the results look doable as well as desirable.”

—Valerie Easton, Seattle Times

“Takes away the guesswork of gardening.”

Houston Lifestyles and Homes

“[Fischer is] affable and quick-witted as any dude I’d ever want to know.”

—Douglas Lord, Library Journal

“Other books have presented companion-plant suggestions, but Fischer’s seasonal approach is particularly handy—added insurance that a carefully composed arrangement of plants will actually bloom at the same time.”

—Peter F. Sleight, Hartford Courant

“If good garden design starts with choosing the right plant, then Tom Fischer, editor-in-chief of Timber Press, shows how.”

—Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association

“This little gem . . . takes a new approach to guiding gardeners toward success.”

—Molly Day, Muskogee Phoenix Online

“Much more than eye candy. . . . [It] is compelling—one beautiful combination after another.”

—Madeline Caliendo, Washington Gardener

“Whether you want to create a small-scale sanctuary, a welcoming path, or a pretty border, you can find ideas in this handy guide.”

Michigan Gardener

“Simplifies garden design by suggesting plants that not only complement one another in color, form and texture, but also bloom at the same time and have like requirements for sun and moisture.”

—Mary Beth Breckenridge, Akron Beacon Journal

Now, don’t you want a copy? You can order Perennial Companions here or directly from Timber Press.

Image of book cover for Roses: A Celebration, with essay by Tom Fischer
Image of book cover for My Favorite Plant

I also have chapters in two other great books. In Roses: A Celebration: Thirty-Three Eminent Gardeners on Their Favorite Rose, edited by Wayne Winterrowd, I wrote the chapter “A Trio of Single Ro”

You can order Roses: A Celebration here.

And in My Favorite Plant: Writers and Gardeners on the Plants They Love, edited by Jamaica Kincaid, I wrote the chapter “Delphin”.

You can order My Favorite Plant here.