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My New Book Is Out!

I know, OverPlanters, I know–it’s horribly immodest of me to trumpet the arrival of my new book; my mother would be positively pained. But it’s a sweet little book–just what you need to chase away the late-winter blahs–and people are actually saying nice things about it: “Fischer’s enthusiasm for flora shines through. . . . […]

Raising the Bar at Flower Shows

This past weekend, I visited Portland’s annual Yard, Garden and Patio Show (put on by the Oregon Association of Nurseries), which, I am happy to report, had lots of garden and very little patio. In fact, this regional show has been getting steadily better, and this year boasted a roster of speakers that would do […]

Seed Bombs, Updated

I love this idea! From comes this story about South Korean designer Jin-wook Hwang, who has imagined a high-tech alternative to the low-tech original. As WebEcoist helpfully explains, “The original [seed bomb] was a condom filled with fertilizer, water and wildflower seeds, but most guerrilla gardeners use the entirely-natural kind made of simply mud, compost […]

Blurps of Gaiety

That’s how an unsolicited and (can you believe it?) unpublished manuscript, received many years ago at Horticulture magazine, described the effect of bulbs in the garden. Not a terribly euphonious expression, but vivid nonetheless. I like to drop it into conversation with exceedingly high-toned gardeners. (“You know, I really think you could use a few […]