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Early Irises

In Portland, iris season starts early–late January, in most years. This is fine with me, since I have a thing for them. The reticulate irises (named for the species Iris reticulata) are super early-blooming, hardy, easy to grow, and long on charm. If you don’t grow them, you’re missing one of the great gardening pleasures […]

A Snowdrop Myth Exploded

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. John Grimshaw, a charming and erudite “gardening botanist and author,” as well as co-author (with Matt Bishop and Aaron Davis) of Snowdrops: A Monograph of Cultivated Galanthus (Griffin Press, 2006). This handsome volume–which is difficult to come by in this country but can be found on […]

Blurps of Gaiety

That’s how an unsolicited and (can you believe it?) unpublished manuscript, received many years ago at Horticulture magazine, described the effect of bulbs in the garden. Not a terribly euphonious expression, but vivid nonetheless. I like to drop it into conversation with exceedingly high-toned gardeners. (“You know, I really think you could use a few […]