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Elymus magellanicus: Bluest of the Blue Grasses

Lately I’ve been on a blue foliage kick. Of course, by “blue” I mean the slightly chalky blue-gray-green you see in “blue” hostas, “blue” conifers, “blue” hebes, and so on. Among ornamental grasses, the adjective is most often applied to blue oat grass (Helictotrichon sempervirens), various fescues (Festuca species and cultivars), and selections of switchgrass […]

Irises of Winter

Yes, OverPlanters, it’s been a long time. One has been very, very naughty; but on the other hand, one has been very, very busy, and one will try one’s best (really!) to post regularly. So, irises. I think it’s safe to say that midwinter is not usually thought of as prime iris season. But there […]